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Center for Transformational Healing in the Heart of the Rockies

What is Transformational Healing?

A plant growing between two hands at Blissful Spirit Retreats and SpaPurely a timeless, omniscient and unique experience that was designed to support you in moving through, healing and transforming any aspects of life that prevent you from living in Higher Consciousness and Awareness. Energetic gateways open using mental, physical and spiritual alignment allowing for the Higher Self or Spirit to infuse. Advanced energy modalities and creating sacred space within enables profound self-healing to occur on all levels. Experience opening your heart more fully to live as the love and light of your true divine nature and authentic Self.

rocky mountains central city colorado
Reconnect and restore in the tranquility of the Rocky Mountains with a retreat held at the Historic Hooper Homestead in Central City, Colorado. At The Blissful Spirit, we provide retreat options for your health and wellness that facilitate the rejuvenation of the Body, Mind, and Spirit in an atmosphere of peace, love, and higher consciousness.

sunroom of Historic Homestead Bed and BreakfastThe Blissful Spirit is located in our beautiful sunroom in the Historic Homestead. This healing room is filled with plants, sacred art works, flowing fountain waters, healing stones, Tibetan artifacts, and lovely music. The space was designed to allow you to be cared for and nurtured. Although protected from the outdoor elements, you will feel as if you are a part of nature as you experience our wide variety of natural health and ayurvedic treatments.

woman meditating in the mountains outdoorsBe enlightened and inspired as you allow the beauty in nature to embody you. Embrace the healing ambience of our holistic wellness therapies, coupled with the serenity and spaciousness of the mountains around you. Surrender yourself to complete relaxation while you experience our spa retreats.


“Words cannot adequately describe our unforgettable experience. Christine and John embraced us with love, respect and a strong desire to meet our emotional, physical, and Spiritual needs. Their intuitiveness, authenticity, and deep Spirituality was evident in the prescribed sessions and treatments resulting in exactly what we needed for healing. I left with a deeper spiritual connection, great meditation techniques, and several tools to promote physical healing. Christine makes the best juices!”
-Tina (March 2015)

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